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Beautiful  Niligiris

Private Club

Staying at the Nani's Nook is for private members only. Discover the road to join one of the country's finest destination private club.You have always felt like you belonged here. And now, in fact, you can.


The Nani's Nook is a premier private club, built with the objective of giving its exclusive members a place to ideate, create, discover and enjoy.  

Located in the heart of the beautiful blue Niligiri mountains, Nani's Nook vantage position lends itself to be surrounded 360 degrees by nothing but the sheer beauty  and tranquility of these majestic mountains.


Every attempt has been made to build the club with the lay of the land , to allow it to merge gracefully with its natural surroundings and yet stand out for its emphasis on outstanding service and incomparable hospitality .    

Social Accesses

While ensuring that our members have every facility to unwind, we also know, considering the profile of our members, how important it is to be connected for them.

Nani's Nook opens up a unique, private world of luxurious leisure while ensuring  our members can enhance their business and social opportunities  enjoying special benefits like our unique ideation room. Specially created with state-of- the- art smart walls and the latest in AV communication, our ideation room is built for those that appreciate the mist of the blue mountains seeping in while they  strategize their next big idea.  

Member's  use our trendy mobile app - The Club Social-  to make their reservations at Nani's Nook as well as at our over 250 affiliated member clubs around the globe.  

Exclusive Experiences

As a member, you receive  some of the best curated experiences the magnificent Niligiris offers- hiking & biking, tea tasting, angling, culinary workshops, music,art & photography expert classes, glamping & more.

Our exclusive tasting kitchen dips itself into fruits and vegetables from our organic farms. Even the tea leaves are from our own estate, allowing our members to unwind in a most holistic way.

One of our more unique features, is a members ability to reserve the entire club for upto 7 days for a private hideaway. This comes with  completely customized  options personalized to meet the exacting requirements of the member.

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